Levante, Quattroporte, and Ghibli Sport Pedals

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size: Levante
  • Silver metal sport pedals
  • Comes with sports brake pedal cover, sports accelerator pedal cover, and sports footrest (includes both the metal and plastic parts)
  • Quattroporte and Ghibli pedals fit years 2014 and newer
  • Levante pedals fit all models years 2017 - Present
  • Race to the finish line with customized sport gear
  • Feel the sporty soul under your feet
  • Made of brushed steel
  • Ideal solution for those want a sportier, more dynamic and high-performance look
  • Pedals and footrest have special rubber inserts to guarantee maximum grip for the driver's foot
  • Compliance with safety requirements
  • Sporty and aggressive look
  • Perfect grip
  • The kit include all components required to replace the standard pedal covers with the sport version