Carbon Fiber Trolley Bag

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color: Black Carbon Fiber
  • Black and red leather perforated and carbon fiber leather trolley luggage
  • Designed for Ferrari by Poltroon FrauItalian, an Italian furniture maker that specializes in leather items
  • Complies with major airlines' hand luggage rule
  • Front of suitcase has black perforated leather rectangle in top corner, while rest of front is genuine black carbon fiber
  • Silver metal enameled Cavallino on left top corner of front
  • Red outline and stitching around edges of front and edges of black rectangular shape
  • Black wheels on bottom
  • Top of luggage is black perforated leather with strip of black leather outlined in red stitching on left side
  • Top has black pull-out handle that allows luggage to be pulled while it rolls for convenient transportation
  • Top and sides of luggage have black leather handles with red sides and outlined red stitching for luggage to be easily carried
  • Silver metal zipper and long black outlined in red rectangular leather tags hang off silver metal zipper pulls
  • Suitcase zips open to black fabric inside with black Cavallino pattern
  • One side of inside has double set of straps that allows luggage to be strapped down
  • Other side has black zippered compartment for shoes
  • Embroidered Italian flag reads Made in Italy in corner next to inside zippered compartment
  • Black back side of luggage